Tyre Service

Despite the fact that the most common task for tire fitters of The Garage car service is seasonal rubber replacement, we are always ready to promptly help our regular and new customers in repairing or replacing a wheel in the off-season, because, unfortunately, we are not insured against punctures, hernias and cuts no motorist.

The complex of works on tire fitting in The Garage car service includes:

Dismantling and mounting tires on a rim – before assembling a wheel at a special tire changer, the disc and tire must be checked for hidden defects and compliance with the installation dimensions of the wheels on your car

Wheel balancing — carried out on modern automatic balancing stands capable of optimizing radial and diagonal runout as much as possible, thereby significantly reducing the weight of the balancing weights on each wheel

Wheel alignment — wheel alignment takes into account residual tread depth and tire geometry – even if your tires have been with you for many years, we will do our best to keep your vehicle safe
If necessary, The Garage car service will also produce:

Valve replacement
Repair of tires and punctures
Wheel flange sealing

We remind you that the alignment procedure (axle adjustment) after each seasonal change of shoes can significantly extend the life of your tires. Just indicate the need to go through the adjustment while recording on
tire fitting – it will not take much time and will make the driving process even more comfortable and safe.