Engine Repair

The motor is rightfully considered the main component, the “heart” of the car, and engine repair is not an easy task. However, in Tallinn, the specialists of the The Garage car service will cope with it with dignity. It has all the necessary equipment, highly qualified mechanics and high-quality components, including analog ones.

Also, The Garage employees are always ready to diagnose the engine and take preventive measures in order to avoid repair or even replacement of the engine.

When engine repairs are needed

The motor does not start immediately and is not stable.
The car accelerates too slowly, moves in jerks, stalls when switching to idle (the gas pedal may fall or “float”).
Extraneous sounds appear (knocking, crackling, etc.).
The exhaust has acquired a different color or increased significantly.
The cabin smelled of exhaust fumes.
The consumption of oil and gasoline has increased.
Heavy carbon deposits are visible on the spark plugs.
The muffler “shoots”.
Do not wait for these symptoms to go away on their own. The sooner you contact a car service, the more likely you will avoid additional breakdowns and the cost of fixing them.

What services do The Garage minders offer

Engine diagnostics.
Preventive maintenance.
Cylinder head repair.
Replacement of worn parts.
Changing oil, candles, filters and other consumables.
Engine overhaul.
Replacing the engine.
We work with all brands and types of cars common in Tallinn, use both original and analog (but always high-quality) parts for engine repairs, meet the stated deadlines and provide a guarantee for all types of work, including engine replacement.