The durability and reliability of your car, first of all, depends on timely diagnostics of all its systems. In our service, car diagnostics are carried out using the most modern equipment. Thanks to this, high-precision diagnostics can be carried out and a problem in the car’s operation can be detected in time. The most important part of the car is the engine, therefore, not only the service life, but also your safety depends on its correct operation and the operation of its units. We strongly recommend that you regularly diagnose the engine and other systems. Our experts are not only able to detect the cause of your car malfunction, but also to eliminate it. We can solve problems on the following systems:

1. Engine control system

2. Control system – automatic transmission

3. Active safety systems:
1) Electronic brake systems: ABS, BA, DBC, EBS, EBV, HAH …
2) Steering: AFS ESAS E-VGR
3) Traction control systems: ASR, ASC, ESR, ETC, TCS, STC, TRACS, TRC, TCV ..
4) Other systems: EyeQ BLIS APS PMD AFIL Stop & Start Volvo On Call LDW ARP X-Pressure ACC ADR RSC ROPS IAQS SmarTire Pre-Safe Pre-Crash, Safety System · LIDAR · ACC Stop & Go · LKS · LCA · CVS · TSR · DAS · Audi Side Assist

4. Passive safety systems: SIPS · ITS · PRS · POSIP · IC · Sideguard · i-SRS