Car Painting

Car painting is the final stage of body repair. The overall impression of the entire vehicle depends on its quality and professionalism.

This complex of works is very complex, therefore it is necessary to trust it exclusively to professionals.

Our car service offers a wide range of auto painting services for cars and vans. All our specialists are experienced and qualified craftsmen who are well aware of the technological features of all types of bodies and coatings. Auto and other bodywork in the Grad Auto car service

We carry out a full range of painting works, which are necessary, first of all, to protect the body from the effects of corrosion, to give an aesthetic appearance and presentability to the vehicle.

Auto-painting work consists of a whole set of operations, the nature and complexity of which depend on the type of painting, the condition of the body, its material, as well as the paint and varnish composition used.

In our service you can make

full and partial painting of cars;
painting of individual parts;
drying in special chambers;
computer selection of coating color;
repair of cracks and scratches;
making paint and much more.
We also carry out polishing of the body after painting, which protects it from corrosion and other seasonal negative influences.

Stages of painting work

We always comply with all technological requirements and strictly control compliance with them at every stage of the process.

The complex of works begins from the preparatory stage. All impurities are removed, the body is completely washed with special shampoos and degreased. This is followed by abrasive grinding – the old coating and traces of corrosion are removed, after which anticorrosion treatment occurs – primary and secondary primer, and, if necessary, the application of spraying at the The Garagel mastic car service on arches and thresholds.

Only after that the car is painted in special chambers using sprayers.

Body painting work involves:

one-layer painting is the simplest, the paint is applied in one layer;
two-layer – varnish is applied over the main coating, which provides an additional aesthetic and protective effect.
After painting, professional high-temperature drying is performed – for this, special cameras are used. And the final stage will be polishing the car, which involves the complete elimination of all external defects.