A/С Recharge

The high-quality functioning of the air conditioner in the car ensures the comfort of both the driver himself and his passengers. Therefore, any malfunctions associated with this device are perceived as something very undesirable, problematic and tangible. But even if your air conditioner is broken, The Garage is ready to fix it. We employ professionals, each of whom has more than 10 years of industry experience. Therefore, you can be confident in their competence.

Modern equipment

In addition to a team of experts in our field, we can boast of the presence of modern equipment in our arsenal. For example, this is the Italian-made device, which is designed specifically for servicing air conditioners.

Reasonable prices and the opportunity to get a discount

The Garage provides all its clients with adequate prices for services. In addition, you can purchase or receive, along with the first ordered repair, a customer card, which in the future will provide a 5% discount and the ability to order spare parts for your car over the phone.

A working air conditioner is a guarantee of comfort!

Our company is ready to make every necessary effort to refuel and repair the air conditioner in your car at the highest level. The serviceability of this device is a guarantee that you will ride your car with comfort and that this detail will not fail at the most inopportune moment.