A/С Recharge

The high-quality functioning of the air conditioner in the car ensures the comfort of both the driver himself and his passengers. Therefore, any malfunctions associated with this device are perceived as something very undesirable, problematic and tangible. But even if your air conditioner is broken, The Garage is ready to fix it. We employ professionals, […]

Tyre Service

Despite the fact that the most common task for tire fitters of The Garage car service is seasonal rubber replacement, we are always ready to promptly help our regular and new customers in repairing or replacing a wheel in the off-season, because, unfortunately, we are not insured against punctures, hernias and cuts no motorist. The […]


The durability and reliability of your car, first of all, depends on timely diagnostics of all its systems. In our service, car diagnostics are carried out using the most modern equipment. Thanks to this, high-precision diagnostics can be carried out and a problem in the car’s operation can be detected in time. The most important […]

Car Painting

Car painting is the final stage of body repair. The overall impression of the entire vehicle depends on its quality and professionalism. This complex of works is very complex, therefore it is necessary to trust it exclusively to professionals. Our car service offers a wide range of auto painting services for cars and vans. All […]